Teamwork – Out of the Box & Out of the Park

Teamwork Lessons – It’s not WHAT you do, it’s HOW you do it

Whether you are working as a local team in Petoskey, MI or are working as a team via online collaboration, the two videos included in this post have something important to say about teamwork.

This first video on teamwork challenges the notion that success in teamwork is about more about winning than character, integrity, love of the game and true competition. The origin of compete comes from Latin meaning to “strive in common.” The original emphasis is on “to strive (alongside another) for the attainment of something”. Competition was a venue for bringing out the best in everyone. This video is a great example of this.

[youtube id=ODqjUqW3c0U]

This second video is a great example of creative teamwork and thinking outside of the box. These musicians each contribute to the success of each other and the team as a whole.

[youtube id=2OAj5RrpAhM]

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