The Cat Made the Call

Jumping into the sales world is outside my comfort zone. It’s new. It’s different. Frankly, it’s totally foreign! But I’m in! I’m taking a sales course, and I’m learning.

I mentor ambitious entrepreneurs with great ideas but less than stellar results. With my help, creativity turns to fast cash and powerful products that ideal clients can’t live without. It’s true. This is what I do. And I love it.

I love talking with people about their dreams and goals. But deliberately making a sales call? I had honestly never made a sales call until about a week ago. Here’s how it went:

From my list of “low hanging fruit,” I had keyed up the first person on my phone before putting it down for a minute — distracted by a FB message. At that very moment, my new feline adoptee jumped up on my desk, landing on, and dialing the phone for me. No joke! Inky made my call!!

Gotta just love the way luck intersects preparation and opportunity, and includes a little help from our friends!