The Girlfriend Tour

Since the year 2000, I’ve studied “the zone,” that altered state where athletes and artists (in my experience) go when performing at the highest level. I wanted to know if “the zone” that I knew deeply through sport was innate or developed. Had I been gifted at birth with the capacity to work in “the zone” or had I learned it as a child, without conscious awareness?

I love being in “the zone.” And I knew, without knowing, that if “the zone” is a learned experience, then I wanted to teach it to others. It’s the sweet spot of life, where time and space cease to exist and the endeavor at hand flows nearly effortlessly.

For me, the world – as a big experiential playground – started with a little schoolyard, and grew to huge proportions with major airline employment. And while safety was of primary concern, there was plenty of space for playground fun. Conversing with hundreds of people each month while visiting various corners of the world helped develop an understanding of life as art, and art as life – similar to being in “the zone.” In the giant canvas of the playground of life, creativity involves making something from nothing, whether it’s in fine art, dance, music, or business. It’s a lifestyle and the lines between life and art are blended. Somewhere in that blend, I suspected, is “the zone.”

With my travel ticket, and a highly developed skill to pour beverages in tight, often bumpy quarters, my quest continued, to cultivate and embody a thorough understanding of where to find “the zone,” and how best to describe that sweet spot where mind, body, and heart align. Along the way, I found amazing people committed to similar expressive and exploratory work. Instinctively we partnered, supporting each other to break through the fog of new concepts, to work with art as life. These friendships are what I imagine the salon was like for avant garde impressionistic painters.

My life canvas involves people, art and horses, and focuses on mind, body, and heart – at work in “the zone.” Abstract by nature, this “life as art” notion had a surreal feel for years. But with my ongoing urge to understand, fueled by many ventures west for coursework and community, the journey has opened the clarity for verbal expression. This is a big breakthrough.

Living life in “the zone” can be learned. It pertains to all endeavors, should anyone be interested in its cultivation. It involves the overlap of communication, trust, and commitment. The space in the middle is where “the zone” can play out in everyday life, in virtually every field. Language simply provides transport to understand what it is and describe how to live in a creative flow.

My fellow explorers out west, yearning for clarity, also have grown and evolved in their art with committed practices during the last two years, while I’ve lived in northern Michigan. I wanted to visit my out west friends, so I created a “Girl Friend Tour.” As a crow flies, I’m with friend No. 3 and when this trip culminates, I will have spent time walking in the desert, skiing in Utah, and communing in coastal wine country – all with super special people.

This trip reflects my ongoing journey to communicate, motivate, and empower by creating custom blends of work and play, with and for amazing people. Life as a playground unfolds and expands and offers brilliant experiences of being in the sweet spot.

Epilogue: I’m writing this blog while shuttling between Tucson and Scottsdale. My airline job landed for the last time in 2011, in sync with my next life chapter – professionally working with and leading others to flow in “the zone” on the playground of life, where art is life and life is art.