Tweet and die

Your Twitter account may be a death sentence

A data scientist at the University of Pennsylvania says what you tweet may reflect your risk of heart disease!

How many times have we heard; how many books tell us? ATTITUDE is life changing, MINDSET is crucial, WORLDVIEW matters!

What we tweet speaks to who we are.

Tweet words that tell you to get a checkup – medical and attitude:

  • grrr/mondays
  • absolutely/burning
  • hate/despise
  • tired/exhausted
  • mad/jealousy
  • hate/anxious

Tweet words that reflect the sunnyside of life:

  • strong/power
  • courage/trials
  • opportunity/possibilities
  • potential/ability
  • hope/great
  • wonderful/enjoy

Not a lot to surprise us here, but given all the press tweeting is getting these days – I thought this data crunching was interesting.