Wanna Get Happy? – get sad

Sadness does not negate happiness

Many of us continue to suffer from our childhood intelligent ignorance – and the sad/happy split is a good example.

As young children, our intelligence says – be happy, don’t be sad. Even our parents try to tip the scales in favor of happiness. Being street smart, we come up with a very simple logic – if we shut out the sad, then we’ll be happier.

A child’s worldview isn’t big enough to understand that we can’t just shut down the bad without affecting our capacity to experience the good. When we desensitize ourselves to cope with sadness and pain, we desensitize our capacity to experience the depth and range of all our feelings.

In a study that looked at 772 people on the eastern and western hemispheres, researchers found that listening to sad music generated “beneficial emotional effects such as regulating negative emotion and mood as well as consolation,” the researchers write in their paper.