Working Together Serves Self-interest Best

Is self-serving self-interest the optimal path to success?

I think not. Study after study after study show us that playing well with others is usually a more optimal road to success as well as supporting a happier and longer life.

Here are two points from a Forbes article – How Empathy Can Help You Be Successful In Business

  • Cooperation is the best alternative in the pursuit of self-interest
  • Empathy acts as a moral detergent to selfishness
  • And a another Forbes article – Why Empathy Can Help CEOs Simplify Their Company Strategy

Empathy for our colleagues means giving them more than just the promise of a fulfilling career. We have to stop expecting people to waste precious time on insignificant tasks. It shouldn’t take 30 steps and four applications to plan a trip, file an expense report and ask for a few days off. These things should be simple and intuitive so people can invest their time in making the difference they aspire to make.

“Little considerations for others have a building effect. The daily practice of putting the well-being of others first has a compounding and reciprocal effect in relationships. ”  – Simon Sinek, Leaders Eat Last

Again from Forbes:

Effectively understanding empathy involves viewing it as each person’s connection to the people and marketplace that surround them. A biological principle known as co-evolution explains that the adaptation of an organism is triggered by the change of a related object. Similarly, businesses and their leaders participate in co-evolution-type relationships. Business success depends on empathetic leaders who are able to adapt, build on the strengths around them, and relate to their environment. When businesses fail, it is often because leaders have stopped focusing on understanding their environment intimately and instead stay insulated in their own operations. Successful business leaders are receptive to disruption and innately aware of what is going on in their organizations both internally and externally.

Empathy is the Youth Power Skill of the 21st Century says Steven A. Culbertson. Read all about this over on Huff Post.